Photo A Day challenge mei 2014 #4

Laatste week van mijn foto per dag uitdaging. Deze week bestaat uit meer dan zeven dagen, dus iets meer fotootjes dan zeven.

day 22: Free. So many things are free, things we take for grandit (nature, love, breathing). But my free thing for the day is my own #french #manicure I did myself


day 23: black + white. My #cat #Bouncer he’s black, white and a little gray.


day 24: sunrice. I wasn’t awake when the sun came. So I have a sunny picture of a snail project of my daughter yesterday!


day 25: neighbourhood. I live in #lewenborg and on the picture is my #neighbourhood is it shaped like a ship and the streets have shipnames.


day 26: pet. And again my #pet #cat #Bouncer In Dutch pet means a cap for on your head

day 27: meal. About 9 days ago the weather was perfect for a #bbq (forgot to take a picture of my #meal today, it was to #delicious!!)


day 28: unique. Me on a #picture with #glasses is pretty #unique. Mostly I wear #contacts… So my #glasses stay #hidden

day 29: negative space. Back in the days one of our cats was stuck behind the gate for a few days. Now there are tons of bee’s behind it. Pretty place, but also negative


day 30: side view. This morning I had a great side view!! Picture was taken @ #stadspark #Groningen #kinderboerderij

day 31: sunset. The last day of the #picture #challenge!! I did it, I made it!! Sadly this is all of the #sunset here..



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